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First Year Films is a unique family videography and photography service capturing the incredible journey your baby takes from infant to toddler.


We create beautiful mini-movies, complemented with gorgeous still photographs, all Instagram-ready should you wish to share with family and loved ones.


To get the very best from your First Year Films journey we visit you regularly, in your own home, and capture a series of videos over the course of your child’s first year - and shortly after their first birthday compile a stunning video, charting your child’s journey from tiny baby to toddler.


First Year Films beautifully capture your precious one’s growth in exquisite 4K video and mark their milestones, ensuring you’ll never forget their ever-changing appearance and personality, at every stage of an incredible first year of development.


They’re not little for long, so let First Year Films preserve the memories before they're gone, in the comfort of your own home, and create a wonderful, lasting memento of a time you’ll never get back.


Your experienced family videographer can discuss your individual requirements with you, but for a truly perfect First Year Film it is recommended your baby’s first session is as soon after birth as possible.


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Why First Year Films?

We believe video is perfect for preserving the memories of just how tiny your perfect baby was when they were born.

Read all about how First Year Films is changing the way you look at family portraits.

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Videos and Stills

With First Year Films you get the best of both the video and photography worlds.
Watch videos and view stills taken from our beautiful First Year Films in the gallery.

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Guest blogs and our own musings on the world of bumps, babies, parenthood and of course First Year Films journeys.

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