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First Year Films are regular videography shoots over the course of your baby's first year and create a lasting memento of your child's precious first few months that you will never regret investing in, for a fraction of the price you'd likely spend on a wedding!  

When you opt to capture your baby's first full year, you become a member of an exclusive group! We limit the number of families we commit to so you get a truly luxury experience. You will have the same dedicated, experienced videographer looking after you for your entire First Year Films journey, allowing you, and your little one to build a relationship and feel totally at ease in your shoots.

Each filming session will be an experience in itself and you'll receive a beautiful mounted print to your home after each session, as well as a private, password-protected webpage displaying all your films and galleries. This link is ideal for sharing with family and friends, particularly if you live away from them. 

Your content will build over the year and we'll mark all the milestones your baby reaches, capturing rolls, gurgles, smiles, sitting, chuckling, and we've even been lucky enough to capture some very first steps on film! When it is time for your baby's first birthday, we can have fun staging a cake smash in your own home.   

The icing on the cake of your First Year Films experience follows and you'll receive feature length, single track and instagram friendly duration films - all of which you can share on your own platforms, along with a stunning, leather-bound photo album documenting the journey your little one has taken since their arrival in this world.

If your baby isn't quite walking by their first birthday, we'll also return to capture those early wobbly steps to add to your film - or, if you'd prefer, we'll come back at around 18-months and capture a catch-up film to add to your collection. You can even have reunion films as your child grows and eventually have a beautiful film documenting their whole life!

The full year is an investment, but it's truly a one-of-a-kind film and experience and is a time that will never be repeated. 


from £5000
(split into 3 payments over the year)

  • Welcome gift including presentation box for prints, and USB for storing your First Year Films files.

  • Relaxed regular film shoots in your own home, or at a location of your choice - from newborn until first birthday.*

  • Password-protected 'Family Cinema' webpage for previewing films and sharing with selected people, with galleries of downloadable stills.

  • 4K and HD versions of all your films.

  • Full track and Instagram length (one-minute) video edits after each shoot.

  • Full gallery of edited 4K stills from all footage taken during your shoots (provided branded for social media sharing at 72dpi, and unbranded for print at 300dpi).

  • Portrait clips/stills for you to use in stories.

  • Mounted print after each shoot.

  • Milestones documented

  • First Year Films: feature length, single track and Instagramable durations.

  • 10"x10" luxury photo album.

  • Voucher towards grandparent albums.

  • Complimentary 'walker' or 18-month catch up video.

  • Refer-a-friend gift.

  • Future children offers.

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* Travel costs may be additional, dependent on distance. We are happy to discuss this upon any enquiry. Additional prints, albums or USBs also available for an additional charge.

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Best of both worlds

First Year Films are shot in Ultra HD 4K which not only allows us to shoot stunning videos but capture incredible still images from our films.

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We know you'd love a First year Films journey of your own little one but don't just take our word for it!

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