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Because they’re not babies for long...

First Year Films capture far more than just a photograph can. Your baby's mannerisms, the way they scrunch their tiny noses up, those sneezes - and there are a lot of those! Video captures full, 'living' memories not just snapshots of a single moment in time.

Video brings your child’s personality to life, in a powerful, emotional way that photographs simply struggle to equal.

Shot in beautiful 4K video, our mini-films will stand the test of time and even better, if you still want the still image, we can take hi-resolution screen grabs from our films, perfect for sharing on social media or prints for your home - with First Year Films you get the best of both worlds!

We’ve been busy filming a number of babies throughout their first year, and after each short filming session we produce a stunning mini-film, perfectly crafted for sharing on Instagram. 


All sessions are self-contained but shortly after your baby's first birthday, you'll receive a longer video compiled from all individual video shoots from your baby's first year. This 'First Year Films Journey' charts the incredible development and monumental changes your baby has made from tiny newborn through to their first birthday and starting to become a toddler.


We’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback from delighted parents.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what they have to say about First Year Films…

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