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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Introducing a new concept in family photography and videography.

So, babies, amazing little people!

From the moment your heart races when you get that big fat positive, they become YOUR world.

Before you know it, they’re in it… and dominating your every waking (and sleeping) hour.

And although that little bundle of joy may be completely reliant on you, boy do they have a mind of their own!

Their personality grows and evolves in the blink of an eye, and perhaps we’re all so wrapped up in the day-to-day-to-day routine that we miss those subtle changes.

I found from my own experience that friends and family, some of whom who saw my newborn son infrequently, always commented on how much he changed from one cuddle to the next.

As parents, I guess we’ve all grown used to recording those days, weeks and months on our smartphones and tablets.

In fact, babies probably see more of the back of your phone than the beaming smile(s) behind it!

If you’re anything like me, your phone will chronicle that first year in a succession of beaming, dribbling, gurgling smiles.

They move, you snap it! That’s the golden rule, right?

“I’m aware how important it can be for friends and relatives, local or distant, to feel a part of baby growing up, and First Year Films, I hope, fills this void."

But it was while I sat there one night, with the little one tucked up, flicking through that growing gallery, that I wanted something, well, more!

Even the cutest of videos can sometimes lack that ‘wow’ factor, whether it’s the light, a soft focus on the phone, or even background chatter.

A busy job meant it was too late to seize the moment, before my first born went from tiny to toddler.

So I’ve made it my mission to make sure other mums have something they, and your loved ones, can treasure forever.

I like to think First Year Films is changing mindsets. We all live such busy lives, it’s harder than ever to capture the essence of that first 12 months of precious life, especially on film which, I believe, stimulates much more emotion than a still picture.

I’m also aware how important it can be for friends and relatives, local or distant, to feel a part of baby growing up.

First Year Films, I hope, fills both those voids.

Attention to detail is something I pride myself on, and I'm certain you’ll not have seen anything like these videos.

I’ve been blown away by some of the feedback from my first series of year-long shoots.

I also hope you’ll invite me, for a brief while, to become a small part of your family.

Want to know more?

We've coming to the end of our first full year of babies so very soon we'll be celebrating their first birthdays - my goodness, how quickly that year has gone!

Our website is full of gorgeous 'photographs' (still images) from our beautiful films and is chock full of information on how to start your own baby's First Year Films journey.

In the future, our blog posts will feature behind-the-scenes looks at our video shoots, posts from guest contributors exploring all different avenues of the baby world, so I hope you will enjoy coming back to visit our site much more in the future.

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